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Tel:+86 10 8158 0818

Address:Room 1010, No.4 building,

Haojing International Innovative Industry Park,

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At, your creativity can be lighted once again, your sparkle ideas can bounce out of your brains. Glass, as one of a very old material can be built into a fancy space with millions of shapes. It's really amazing! is aiming at supplying a high-quality glass crafts to our clients. Here we can assist you with your creative works come true. Here you can keep these keywords in mind, focus, innovation, imagination, creativity, beauty, limitless possibility, glittering ideas. 


As a devoted manufacturer in special glass industry, we have been engaged in developing Borosilicate 3.3 glass products for over 17 years; we have never stopped our innovation during these years, our mature advanced technology enabled us to go as far as we can. We understand full our client is the first and only power to make us proceed, we are appreciated very much that it is demand and request of our clients that some of our deep creative spirit can be triggered. So, in this platform, we love to build a bridge as a media for more and more clients and users to motivate their passion, we believe everyone can be his own shining star, everyone can be his own genius. 

Welcome to visit our website

Do you know borosilicate glass is a multi-talent material, its wide variety of uses arranging from cookware to lab equipment, as well as a component of high-quality products such as implantable medical devices and devices used in space exploration.  We supply one stop solution on colored and clear borosilicate glass tubing & rod, a wide variety of specifications and color shade. Its finished art products include borosilicate glass shisha/hookah, borosilicate bubbler, glass bong, various crafted and processed glassware; personalized glass gifts and souvenir for global buyers, global wholesalers, distributors, and other business corporations. Our service is also active in architecture, art and design; industrial and environmental industry; laboratory glass; lighting; pharmacy packaging etc.                                                                                                                                            We believe more you give more you get. We understand deep the whole supply chain; we are creating a multi-party-win balance.