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The necessary skills to identify obsidian

The necessary skills to identify obsidian

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For the identification of many natural gemstones, we can identify them from the material and work. Obsidian is certainly no exception.

If we want to identify whether obsidian is fraudulent, we have to know what materials are used for fraud and what kind of fraudulent process is used. There are two main types of fake materials I have seen on the market today: glass and plastic.

Let's take a look at how to identify it.

1. Identification from the process:

Above: Fake, glass products are cast in one mold, no need to polish, so fake

The glassware has a clear outline and a delicate and tidy texture.

Bottom: After the real and authentic obsidian is stamped and carved with steel mold, it needs to be polished and polished, so it is subtle.

The contours will be damaged to varying degrees, and the three-dimensional shape will not be obtained when the model is exposed.