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Chinese Hand Painted Inside Glass Bottle Angel -case 04
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Chinese Hand Painted Inside Glass Bottle Angel -case 04

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This glass Angel, is also a kind of Chinese Inside Painting bottle, one work of Fang jie, a master of Chinese Inside Painting Bottle, customized for one American client, and gained high praise from him as well.

Insider painting master Jia Yanqiang, pen name Fang Jie, born in 1971, he was a native of Hebei Province. In 1988, he began to study interior painting. The study of painting skills is not a one-off process. He needs the patience and perseverance of the painter. He must calm down and be realistic. Seriously, he will practice a little bit. Whenever he is on the way to the inside painting studying, he never thought to give up. In recent years, Fang Jie’s inside painting level has been continuously improved. In 2011, he was awarded the master of folk arts and crafts in Hebei Province. In July 2013, his work mountain line won the silver prize of the "Xi San Cup" Inner Painting Grand Prix. In October 2013, he was awarded the master of arts and crafts in Hengshui City. From April 4th to 7th, 2017, Chinese President Xi jinping met with US president Donald Trump in Mar-a-lago Florida, USA. The state gift was given to Trump the cloisonné inside painting. The inside painting part was completed by Jia Yanqiang. 

Now Chinese Inside Painting Bottle is not limited in outlook , it can be any shapes, including globe, vase, square etc., the content is not limited to figures, landscapes, animals, flowers, birds, still life using multi painting techniques, traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy, oil painting, printmaking, decorative painting, etc.

Chinese inside painting art is listed national intangible culture heritage in 2006. From being an individual hobby to a state gift, we are very proud to present and deliver this unique traditional China art to the world at  

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