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Middle white glass hookah
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Middle white glass hookah

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Veryniceofjadewhitebongorwaterpipe,billy,bing,moof ItisuniquehandmadewithborosilicateC.E.T.3.3glassandjugshaped,totalheight420mm,totalweight0.80kg,andtwobubblerupwardintwosides,thisair-andwater-tightglassvesseladdesmorerelaxand comfortableness,whitecolorisinstock.Othersizesandcolorscanbecustommadebyus.

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Very nice of jade white bong or water pipe, billy,bing, moof
It is unique handmade with borosilicate C.E.T. 3.3 glass and jug shaped, total height 420mm , total weight 0.80kg, and two bubbler upward in two sides, this air-and water-tight glass vessel addes more relax and comfortableness, white color is in stock. Other sizes and colors can be custom made by us.
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